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AERO Specialties are a premier manufacturer & global supplier of new, used and refurbished aircraft ground support equipment (GSE).

Innovations for a Cleaner, Greener Airside Work Environment

Many industries, aviation included, are pushing for cleaner, lower-emission, more environmentally friendly solutions. Many of the green initiatives related to the aviation industry have been dedicated to lowering the emissions of aircraft. While reducing the emissions of aircraft is often the biggest focus, there are other areas for improvement. The efficiency of aircraft tugs and other airside equipment is also a concern for any environmentally conscious airport.
Every major airport has a number of aircraft tugs and other ground support equipment (GSE) vehicles in operation. These include baggage and staircase vehicles, aircraft tow tractors, hauling carts, refuelers, ground power units, and others. Any effective strategies for cleaner, greener aviation must incorporate steps to lighten the carbon footprint of both the aircraft and the airside.

Switching to Electric GSE

Among the biggest of the global aviation environmental initiatives is the push for moving to electric hybrid and, eventually, fully electric vehicles. Due to the massive fuel consumption of jetliners, they’ve gotten much of the public attention when the subject of aviation emission-reduction is brought up.

On the other hand, updating every aircraft tug and stair-truck is a vital step on the way to a low-emissions operation. The transition has already begun, with several airports and airlines in Europe and Oceania moving toward 100% electric GSE and shuttle fleets. The transition doesn’t have to be instant. Replacing old vehicles with new electric GSE such as an Electric Baggage/Cargo Tow Tractor is a step in the right direction.

Optimizing Fleet Management

Whether the GSE in a fleet are internal combustion, hybrid, or fully electric, inefficient use of those GSE is an energy (and money) waster. One of the most common, important, and effective tools for optimizing the use of GSE is fleet management software. A sound fleet management software system, particularly when combined with solid telematics, can be a huge efficiency boon. The more efficient a fleet, the more money saved, even if it runs on combustion fuel.

Organization and Standardization in Airport Management

One of the more frustrating scenarios the manager of a GSE fleet can face is challenges to efficiency that they have no control over. It’s not uncommon for the airport, each airline, and a ground crew to have separate service level agreements. The specific details and procedures those agreements describe are also not always entirely clear, and communication is certainly not always ensured. If the details of specific territories, routes, and the other details of GSE use are not hammered out between the different parties involved, then bottlenecks, delays, and even the risk of accidents can ensue. Beginning an initiative to establish some standardization and communication protocols between different parties can save a lot of headaches and strife.

Implementing GSE Pooling

Going hand in hand with communication between groups sharing the same airside work environment, GSE pooling is another popular solution. GSE pooling is when all of an airport or terminal’s ground crews share a communal collection of GSE. GSE pooling reduces the number of GSE vehicles in use at any one time on the apron by ensuring they’re only being used when needed. It saves fuel, reduces congestion, and compels the sort of inter-crew and inter-agency communication that can serve an airport’s airside work environment, as well as reduce carbon emissions.

About AERO Specialties

AERO Specialties is one of the aviation industry’s most reliable manufacturers and distributors of ground support equipment (GSE). By combining cutting-edge innovations in recent technology with the most exacting manufacturing standards, they produce GSE designed to optimize any FBO or airport’s operations. AERO Specialties also ensures that each member of their team, from the GSE mechanics to sales and customer service, is thoroughly familiar with all the equipment, their functions, and operation. Basically, if your aviation business needs it, from a high-powered aircraft tow tractor to an LED marshalling wand, AERO Specialties will have it.

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