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AERO Specialties are a premier manufacturer & global supplier of new, used and refurbished aircraft ground support equipment (GSE).

Sensible Seasonal Safety GSE Options for Both Urban and Rural Airports and FBOs

While the basic needs of airports big and small, rural and urban, are similar, the equipment that works best to meet those needs isn’t one-size-fits-all. There’s no better example of that dynamic than the ground support equipment (GSE) best suited for seasonal safety maintenance and support. The chances are that a modest rural airport or fixed base operator (FBO) using one vehicle for multiple roles, such as aircraft pushback, deicer, and FOD-collector would find a dedicated deicing truck impractical. At the same time, an urban or busy suburban airport may find itself in trouble without such dedicated equipment.


Urban Airports

Deicing Equipment

In the winter months, deicing needs to happen quickly, thoroughly, and efficiently to keep the planes in the air. Even relatively short delays can cost an airline significant sums of money and the goodwill of passengers. Plus, insufficient icing can have consequences far more harrowing than lost revenue. Every urban airport should have at least one deicing vehicle that can accommodate type 1 and type 4 deicing fluid. Of course, a robust stock of type 1 and 4 deicing fluid should also be maintained.

FOD Detection Equipment

Foreign object debris (FOD) is an issue that costs the aerospace industry an estimated $4 billion in damage a year. Heavier aircraft traffic at urban airports means more FOD and more risk of FOD damage to aircraft. To mitigate that risk, urban airports should invest in a robust response such as the Trex FOD Finder Detection System from GSE provider AERO Specialties. The Trex system is the only mobile FOD detection solution approved by the FAA. It implements a millimeter wave radar system capable of detecting, cataloging, and collecting FOD anywhere within the airfield surveilled, day or night, in any weather condition.


Deicing Equipment

Deicing is no less essential at rural airports and FBOs. The GSE employed for the job is more likely to be an aircraft tug or pickup truck hauling a deicer tank and platform on a hitch than an actual deicing truck. As an airport gets busier, it may require more specialized deicing equipment.

FOD Detection Equipment

Equipment for dealing with the threat of FOD damage is no less a necessity in smaller aerodromes. FOD-detection GSE as comprehensive and brawny as the Trex system might be overkill for a rural airport. An excellent, task-appropriate alternative to a radar-based FOD detection system is a towable FOD magnet. A high-quality towable FOD magnet, as the name suggests, can be towed behind a vehicle to collect any hazardous debris from the apron, runway and ramps, hangars, and anywhere else it can do damage.

About AERO Specialties

AERO Specialties earned their reputation in the aviation industry by consistently performing as one of the most trustworthy, reliable, and respected ground support equipment (GSE) manufacturers, distributors, and innovators. Combining advanced, leading-edge technology with industry-defining manufacturing standards, AERO Specialties produces GSE engineered to optimize any airport or FBO’s operations. Additionally, they ensure that every one of their team members, from the customer service and sales team to their GSE mechanics, are wholly familiar with every piece of equipment, its function, and its operation. Whether your airport or FBO needs a new aircraft ground power unit or a set of LED marshalling wands, AERO Specialties has you covered.

Watch your aviation business take off with AERO Specialties supporting you on the ground or in the air, at Aerospecialties.com

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