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AERO Specialties are a premier manufacturer & global supplier of new, used and refurbished aircraft ground support equipment (GSE).

The Ground Support Equipment an Airside Ground Crew Will Thank You For

The responsibilities performed by airside ground crews cover a lot of territory. That means the ground support equipment (GSE) they require to do their jobs is comprised of a diverse collection of vehicles, tools, safety equipment, and stock. It’s not all baggage carts and aircraft tugs (though those are important too). Paying attention to this variety of equipment, and keeping it updated, can improve the working conditions of airside ground crews. The equipment can make their jobs efficient and less difficult, while increasing their comfort level and safety. If you manage or are otherwise responsible for equipping an airside ground crew, consider the following GSE upgrades, updates, and additions that will improve their time on the apron.

Weather-Appropriate Equipment

Ground support crews are often required to work outdoors regardless of the weather. For many crews, that means dealing with sweltering heat in the summer and glacial frigidity in the winter. Providing information on how best to dress for the weather, as well as necessities for weather protection, are simple ways to improve working conditions. For the summer, light, long-sleeved clothing, hats, and sunscreen are always a good idea. Be sure to provide access to air-conditioned shelter and water. In the winter, clothing should be layered, and the heaters in every GSE vehicle should be operational. Additionally, something as simple as a dual-ear headset to cover both ears can make a big difference in freezing weather.

Aircraft Tug and Pushback Tractor Safety Features

There’s no question that the most important reason to equip an aircraft tug or pushback tractor with safety features is to keep the operator safe. Those safety features often serve the dual purpose of greatly reducing the risk of expensive damage to both the GSE and the aircraft that it’s servicing. The best GSE providers include safety features that come with, or can be installed on, tugs, pushbacks, and tow tractors. Consider the SiPsHitch™ Linear Force Monitoring System from GSE provider AERO Specialties, which reduces or eliminates overstress damage to an aircraft’s nose gear. It does so by recording and measuring the stress during a tow and alerts the operator to any situations where there is a risk of overstress. Similarly, TLD’s Aircraft Safe Docking (ASD) system prevents collision damage during docking.

Other GSE Safety Features

There area number of ways for costly (and even dangerous) incidents to occur airside, and a number of safeguards that can be employed to prevent them. Another GSE safety innovation offered by AERO Specialties is the “Safe-Lav” system, which prevents lavatory cart overfill incidents. While lavatory filling isn’t the first thing that comes to mind as a hazardous operation, an overfill accident can cost thousands of dollars and put an aircraft temporarily out of commission. Finding ways in which any GSE can be made safer to use, and reducing the potential for human error, will result in happier ground support crew.

About AERO Specialties

AERO Specialties offers GSE designed to optimize performance for their customers, whether civilian or military, at an FBO, corporate airport, or consumer airport. To additionally ensure excellence, they train each and every member of the AERO Specialties team to be entirely familiar with all of their GSE offerings. So whether you need a safe, powerful aircraft tow tractor or LED marshalling wands, AERO Specialties has you covered.

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