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AERO Specialties are a premier manufacturer & global supplier of new, used and refurbished aircraft ground support equipment (GSE).

Saving Money, Making Money, and Improving Efficiency for a Small Airport or FBO

Ask virtually any owner or manager of a small, local airport, airstrip, or FBO and they’ll tell you that their business isn’t a road to immediate riches. It’s a labor of love. However, that doesn’t mean that being the owner of a small aviation destination can’t be exciting, fulfilling, fun, and profitable. As with any small business, success means shrewd decision making. In this case, that encompasses everything from choosing the right aircraft pushback tractor to marketing your business successfully. Consider the following suggestions for a more profitable small airport or FBO.

Invest in Efficient GSE

Ground support equipment (GSE) is among the most important factors in the efficient operation and continuing success of a small local airport. GSE is generally a sizable investment, making it all the more important to make good choices. It’s also a long-term investment, as a good GSE vehicle can be with an aviation business for decades. As such, one of the most important considerations when selecting GSE is energy efficiency. Efficient GSE is better for the environment but that efficiency translates into savings as well. Lower carbon emissions means less fuel being used and less fuel being wasted. Whether it’s a lavatory cart, aircraft pushback tractor, or aircraft ground power unit (GPU), look for GSE high efficiency ratings.

Consider Refurbished or Rental GSE

Finding an excellent, efficient aircraft tug or ground power unit (GPU) is, as mentioned, a top priority. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the GSE in question has to be brand-new. An often overlooked GSE market that can prove a great option for any local airport or FBO is the used, refurbished, and rental market. If your business exclusively services small to medium personal and corporate aircraft traffic, a fleet of brand-new heavy-duty pushback tractors is most likely not going to be necessary. Instead, look for a high-quality used or refurbished model that will do the job safely and efficiently and save money in the bargain. GSE rental is also an excellent option, particularly for airports or FBOs that need seasonal vehicles several months of the year, or for which the need for such varies from year to year.

Appealing to Niche Travelers

An additional strategy for making the most of your small aviation business is marketing to the right niche. The key is identifying the specific population or populations that either are already taking advantage of your location or should be and focusing marketing and advertising campaigns on that market. For instance, if your airport is located conveniently close to great fishing or hunting, target publications or groups dedicated to those activities. If you’re close to hotels or convention centers, market the advantages of your small operation to corporate travelers. Consider your proximity to activities, events, or points of interest that are perhaps less well-known or targeted by competitors. That could include local hiking or rock-climbing access, music festivals, state parks, amusement parks, skydiving or hot air ballooning destinations, anything that might draw traveler interest.

About AERO Specialties

AERO Specialties has established a reputation as a respected and trusted supplier in the aviation industry. As aviation ground support equipment (GSE) providers, they’re trusted by civilian and military aviation crews for offering unmatched GSE for airports and FBOs, including private, regional, corporate, and commercial partners. The AERO Specialties team specializes in supplying user-friendly, reliable, and safe used and new GSE. Part of that success is due to the fact that every AERO Specialties team member is trained to be entirely familiar with all of their GSE. Whether your aviation business needs a reliable, powerful, safe, and efficient aircraft ground power unit or a variety of the best LED multipurpose marshalling wands in a selection of colors, you can trust AERO Specialties.

Help your aviation business reach new heights of growth and success with AERO Specialties’ industry-leading GSE selection, at Aerospecialties.com


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