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AERO Specialties

AERO Specialties are a premier manufacturer & global supplier of new, used and refurbished aircraft ground support equipment (GSE).

Why Upgrading GSE Is Crucial for Airside Safety and Efficient Service

Ground crews working on the airside face unique challenges on a daily basis. They face all of the physical demands of other labor-intensive professions: they work outdoors, with heavy machinery, and in stressful conditions. Ground crews also face additional risks. The only occupation that’s roughly comparable is road construction and maintenance, except those crews only face traffic from road vehicles. Airside crews face traditional and ground support equipment (GSE) vehicles headed in every direction, in addition to taxiing and towed aircraft with all of the noise and hazards accompanying them. These unique challenges and risks make reliable GSE crucial for safety and efficiency on the airside.

Upgrade GSE to Maintain the Safety of Crews and Passengers

Low-quality GSE is incredibly frustrating for its operators, and considering the importance of their jobs, it can be difficult for frustrated operators to perform at their best. Additionally, the effective operation of GSE is related directly to the well-being of the operator, other crew, passengers, and the aircraft being serviced. For the sake of optimizing safety on the airside, low-quality GSE is not an option. Upgrading your current fleet of GSE with modern safety features or investing in new aircraft tugs, service carts, and other tools is vital for ongoing airside safety.

Upgrade GSE to Lower Stress and Reduce Human Error

The airside is a stressful place to work. Crews must be alert and efficient at all times while handling vehicles and managing the risks of their work. Human error can cause a lot of damage, which compounds the daily stresses of the job. The detrimental consequences of a stressed-out workforce can’t be overstated. Stress can result in poor decision making, lapses in concentration, and mistakes. Mistakes made by someone operating GSE can prove catastrophic, especially if they’re performing delicate work such as towing aircraft. Provide ground crews with technology that reduces their stress. An aircraft tow tractor that’s safe, effective, reliable, and easy to use goes a long way to reducing stress. Technology assistance, such as tow stress monitors, can also significantly reduce human error.

Upgrade GSE to Improve Communication, Customer Service, and Accountability

Better GSE allows airsides to run more efficiently, with fewer mistakes, fewer delays, and better outcomes for both airlines and passengers. The responsibilities being handled by a ground crew carry a high financial risk. GSE being out of commission, not functioning properly, or not functioning safely can result in delays for an airline or other aviation business. Delays, for an aviation business, can mean thousands of dollars lost, or more. Not to mention the damage caused by accidents during service.

Better, more reliable performance from a GSE fleet means better, more reliable customer service from a ground crew. Assisting delicate operations with technology also increases the accountability of your operation, allowing you to diagnose mistakes and proactively prevent them from happening. Finally, because GSE is such an important and complex feature of the aviation industry, finding a GSE provider that likewise effectively communicates and offers great customer service and support is a priceless commodity.

About AERO Specialties

AERO Specialties is a ground support equipment (GSE) supplier that combines innovative, cutting-edge technology with rock-solid reliability. They bring the industry’s latest developments in safety, emissions reduction, and reliability to partners both military and civilian, private and regional, and corporate and commercial, at airports and FBOs across the globe. Part of their success in supplying safe, user-friendly, and reliable new, used, and refurbished GSE is due to the training that every member of the AERO Specialties team receives to ensure their familiarity with the equipment. If your business would benefit from an efficient, safe aircraft tug, LED marshalling wand, bypass pin set, or any other GSE, think AERO Specialties.

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