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AERO Specialties

AERO Specialties are a premier manufacturer & global supplier of new, used and refurbished aircraft ground support equipment (GSE).

How Replacing or Upgrading GSE Could End Up Saving an Aviation Business Good Money

As is the case with any industry, money can be tight for ground crew operations. In many cases, it’s even tighter with high aviation industry insurance rates and the cost of maintaining fleets of sophisticated machinery. With the value of life and equipment at stake, there aren’t really any corners to cut in the name of savings. However, sometimes doing just the opposite can prove financially beneficial. Upgrading or investing in a new aircraft pushback tractor, service cart, or other ground support equipment (GSE) can not only improve productivity but can also save money.

Better GSE Requires Less Maintenance

Perhaps the most obvious way that investing in new GSE or upgrading a current fleet could save an airside operation money is simply by improving functionality. New, more technologically advanced GSE from a reputable provider will typically require less maintenance and repair than older models. Improved functionality also reduces the downtime that accompanies maintenance and repairs. In the aviation business, time is money, and downtime costs a lot of it.

Increased Efficiency Can Increase Savings

In a win-win for a business’s pocketbook and carbon footprint, that new aircraft tug or baggage tractor is likely to be more fuel efficient than older models. Environmental regulation and improved technology have resulted in a great selection of cleaner, greener, and more efficient GSE vehicles. Doing one’s part for the environment is particularly satisfying when fuel savings from the new electric baggage/cargo tractor or hybrid aircraft ground power unit are considered.

Safer GSE Helps Prevent Accident Expenditure

The primary benefit of safer GSE is that the operator, other members of the crew, and airside operations, in general, are made safer by it. Overhauling a fleet is certainly an expensive investment, but the long-term cost reduction from safer operations is often worth it. For instance, safer GSE is less likely to be involved in accidents, and accidents can be extremely costly, unpredictable expenses.

Industry innovations, like those developed by GSE provider AERO Specialties, can go a long way toward accident prevention, and some of the most innovative solutions can even be fitted to your existing fleet. AERO Specialties’ SiPsHitch™ Linear Force Monitoring System, for instance, monitors and records the stress being applied during aircraft pushback or tug tows, alerting operators to potential overstress events before they take place.

Safer GSE Is Popular with Insurance Providers

In addition to lowering the risk of injury and reducing the likelihood of costly damage, there’s another benefit to investing in safer GSE: pleasing insurance providers. Insurance companies typically take note of the extra steps businesses take to avoid accidents and reduce liability. There aren’t likely many insurers that would have no preference between a fleet of GSE vehicles that have been upgraded or replaced with newer, cleaner, safer models, and one that hasn’t.

About AERO Specialties

AERO Specialties is a ground support equipment (GSE) supplier that combines innovative, cutting-edge technology with rock-solid reliability. They bring the industry’s latest developments in safety, emissions reduction, and reliability to partners both military and civilian, private and regional, and corporate and commercial, at airports and FBOs across the globe. Part of their success in supplying safe, user-friendly, and reliable new, used, and refurbished GSE is due to the training that every member of the AERO Specialties team receives to ensure their familiarity with the equipment. If your business would benefit from an efficient, safe aircraft ground power unit, LED marshalling wand, bypass pin set, or any other GSE, think AERO Specialties.

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